Bespoke Wire Stitched Boxes

Wire stitched cardboard boxes which we manufacture are very strong and robust so are ideal for storage, achiving and also sending items in the post. We manufacture bespoke sizes to meet our clients exact requirements using traditional production methods and hand operated machinery in our London based factory. The stitches, which are very similar to staples, are put into the boxes by a specialised long arm stitching machine which allows us to stitch boxes which are very deep. We can use different grades of board to suit the size, weight of the contents and level of protection required, typically from 750 microns up to 1850 microns thick.

Environment: Our stock boards are environmentally friendly, it does vary between different grade and suppliers but the bulk of the board is mostly made from fully recycled material but the lining sheets are typically made using some virgin fibre. We source board from several European and British manufacturers and whilst we are not FSC certified most of the board that we use is! Please check with us to find out for certain as some more specialised boards and paper we might need to check on a case by case basis.

We stock several sizes of most of our boards and we always cut the boxes from the most economical sheet to reduce wastage. If you ask we can tell you what percentage of the raw material is use for your boxes and what goes to waste recycling! We typically run jobs quite tight on overs, board and paper that we cut is typically cut with 10% overs which is for setting up and quality control!

Our wire stitched boxes are made from environmentally friendly materials and they are also fully recyclable as the staples are removed during the pulping process. So if you require an environmentally friendly piece packaging they are are great choice!

We normally tie wire stitched boxes in bundles and straight onto a pallet or onto our van A Vickers long arm wire stitching machine in our factory in London Wire stitched boxes are very strong. I weigh 13 stone!

There are a couple of main styles of wire stitched boxes we can make, rigid, collapsible, lift off lid or hinged lid. Most popular are simple rigid, lift off lid boxes but whilst they are very strong they can be quite bulky to store. If storage is an issue we can make the boxes collapsible by adding diagonal creases to the corners, these fold flat so are easier to store but they aren't as strong as rigid boxes. There are quite a few more very specific styles and features we can manufacture, you can find out more about them in our our blog.

Wire stitched boxes lined on the outside with GF Smith Colorplan paper Gloss red foil blocked logo on top of this small tray & lid Brass Wire stitched box with long stitching tabs

Posh Wire Stitched Boxes

For decades we have been manufacturing wire stitched boxes and alomst always for storage or archiving. With these, as long as the box was finished well and to the correct size then box was suitable for purpose as its function was just to store stuff. Over the last few years we have been producing more and more jobs where the finish, details and look of the wire stitched box was just as, if not more important than the function of the box. We aren't really sure what to call them so we've just gone with "Posh" wire stitched boxes!

We can use higher end boards, papers and printing techniques to give your wire stitched box project a bit of a wow factor to go with quite a simplistic construction method. We have also developed on our old machinery ways of keeping the stitches in line horizontally so they look much neater!

If you would like to discuss wire stitched boxes, whether they be for storage or a high end project please call us or request a quote.

A wire stitched boxes with scored edges, foil blocked lid and ribbon pull Wire stitched boxes made in Cairn Board Colours from Paperback Wire stitched boxes lined with Colorplan and with a foil logo

Most wire stitched boxes we manufacture are used for their practicality rather than their looks, but that doesn't mean we cannot make a nice looking wire stitched box. They do have a very functional appearance, which some designers just love, and they are now quite an old fashioned type of packaging so have their own charm. We can print on the boxes, normally a foil blocked logo or a screen printed design and we can also line them with coloured paper.

If you would like to discuss wire stitched boxes please call us or request a quote.

Wire stitched box with screen printed design Wire stitched boxes made in Cairn Board Colours from Paperback We can do many styles of wire stitched boxes, this is a double slipcase with cut-away front typically used for storing sheet music