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As well as helping to sell your products, a presentation box is also functional, as it helps to protect it's contents. There are several types of presentation box, such as a simple shoe box style (a box with a lift off lid) to a hinged lid shoulder box with a ribbon stay and a satin lined platform. All our presentation boxes are paper covered. The range of papers would be from a simple coated white paper to a paper backed cloth. If storage space is an important issue to you then you may also be surprised how good a flat packed carton can present your product.

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Presentation Box    Hinged lid shoulder box with a ribbon stay


Paper Covered Boxes

All of our presentation boxes are covered in your choice of paper. They can also be lined. This is when the inside of the box is also covered with either the same paper as the outside or with a contrasting one if you wish. The normal finish for the inside of the box is the finish of the board, which can be white, black or brown (kraft). There is a wide range of paper colours and textures and finishes available, including Leatherettes, Colorplan, Wicotex, Wibalin and most paper backed materials. You can also choose to have your boxes covered with your own printed sheets, that either we or you can supply. These sheets must be varnished or sealed. We can also use matt or gloss UV'd paper. Laminated sheets can be suitable for some presentation boxes but please speak to our estimators if you have any queries.

Special Finish Paper:

  • Leatherette
  • Carbon Fibre
  • Basket Weave
  • Metal Effect
  • Metallic Colours
  • Cloth
  • Snake Skin
  • Wood
  • Plus many more

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Printed presentation box  



Foil Blocking

Hot foil blocking a logo or name onto the lid of the box will give your packaging the professional finish. Once we have received your artwork, a magnesium blocking die is made which, when set up on our foil blocking machine, can stamp individually onto each sheet of paper using a wide range of foils. To achieve debossing, the lid has to be made up first and then is placed onto a wooden block. The block supports the top of the lid whilst increased pressure is applied, which debosses the image into the paper covered surface.


Foil Blocking   Debossed lid




Platforms, Foam Inserts and Satin Lining

If you have products which are fragile or of a peculiar shape, then you may wish for them to be held in place in the box. This can be achieved by using either a platform or a foam insert. These are functional items which sit inside the box to hold the products which will eventually go inside. A platform is made from a piece of card which is die cut to shape. The platform will have sections cut out to hold the contents. They can also be paper covered. An alternative to a cardboard platform would be  a die cut foam fitting. A more aesthetic way of holding products in place is to have a satin lining inside the box. This can be used in conjunction with a card platform or a foam fitting.

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Shoulder box with platform   Satin Lining and Ribbon Stay





Hinged Lid

The lid of your box can be attached on one side to allow it to open in a hinged style to give your packaging extra impact. This is achieved by applying a calico strip on the inside of the lid which is hidden from the outside of the box.

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Hinged lid box with platform to create 5 compartments




Shoulder Box

Using a shoulder allows the box and lid to sit flush. This is achieved by placing a tray inside which protrudes above the box. When the lid is shut it is then held in place by the shoulder. This is often used in conjunction with hinged Lid. The shoulder can be covered in a different colour in order to highlight the feature of this particular box.

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Shoulder box with hinged lid    Hinged lid shoulder box and a die cut platform





We make slipcases using a single piece of board and covering it with two pieces of paper. They snugly fit the books, DVD's, CD's or binders that are to fit inside them. Slipcases protect the contents and help to present your products by allowing the spine of the product to always be visible. The minimum capacity is 13mm

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Slipcase for a book covered in a paper backed book cloth    Slipcase for 4 books covered in printed sheets



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